Terms and Conditions

This Site is owned and operated by Educare Systems Limited 64 Hurst Park Road, Twyford RG10 0EY, registered in England at 8 Baker Street, London, W1U 3LL under company registration number 4666733 ("Educare Systems Ltd").

These terms and conditions include general terms and conditions for use of this Site, terms and conditions relating to the Services and terms and conditions relating to the sale and purchase of Products on the Site.

NOT MEDICAL ADVICE: The information available on or through this Site, and the Services supplied via or in connection with this Site, including the Educare Systems and any feedback on any health questionnaires, do not constitute medical advice and it is your responsibility to determine, through obtaining appropriate medical advice, that you are fit and well and that such contents and services are suitable for you. It is not our responsibility to do so. In any event, before commencing any exercise regime, you should consult your doctor.

ACCURACY OF INFORMATION: It is also vital that you supply us with correct information about yourself. Some of the Services on this Site are based on that information and we cannot be liable for any incorrect information supplied by you to us. In order to continue to provide you with a high quality of service it is important that you regularly update the health information that you give to us. If you do not do this, the programmes which we recommend to you may become unsuitable for you.

NUTRITIONAL ADVICE: Educare Systems Ltd provides nutritional advice as to specific foods (e.g. calorie values) based upon the information that food suppliers and retailers give to us. Educare Systems Ltd relies upon this information in providing nutritional advice to you but cannot verify the accuracy of the information itself.

YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: Usage of your personal information is governed by Educare Systems Ltd Privacy Policy, which forms part of these Terms and Conditions. In the event that Educare Systems Ltd undergoes reorganisation or is sold to a third party, you agree that any personal information Educare Systems Ltd holds about you may be transferred to that reorganised entity or third party and used in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Password: As part of the Services offered via this Site, you may be issued with an individual password which may be used to access the Site, Services and those pages whose access is restricted to members only. You will use the password only for such access and not for any other purpose. You must keep your password confidential at all times, and must not disclose the password or permit anyone else to use your password. Any breach of any of these terms by anyone to whom you disclose the password will be treated as if the breach had been committed by you, and will not relieve you of your obligations under these terms and conditions.

In the event of any failure or error in the operation of a password, you shall cease using the password and exit the Site immediately, and notify Educare Systems Ltd of such failure or error. Also, you must cease to use and delete the password from any of your records upon expiry or termination of your membership for whatever reason.

Educare Systems Ltd reserves the right to change your password and user name at any time in its sole discretion and you agree to notify Educare Systems Ltd promptly of any changes to your registration details.

SUSPENSION AND TERMINATION OF SERVICE: Educare Systems Ltd may suspend the operation of the Site for repair or maintenance work or in order to update or upgrade the contents or functionality of the Site from time to time. Access to or use of the Site or any Sites or pages linked to it will be not necessarily be uninterrupted or error free.

Educare Systems Ltd may terminate the Service immediately in the event you breach any of these terms and conditions or if you are late in paying or do not pay any sums due (including if the credit/debit card you use is not valid or does not work for another reason).

STATUTORY RIGHTS AND REFUND:The rights of cancellation and refund and any limitation expressed in these terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

PAYMENTS:Payment in respect of all Services is on demand.
We will generate an invoice in respect of the next period unless the Services have been cancelled. All invoices are delivered electronically and are available via the Account Management page.
You are responsible for checking receipt of all invoices, with payments due within 30 days.
No hard copy invoices will be sent by post.We reserve the right to change the prices and/or nature of our Services by giving You 30 days written notice of those changes.
Notice of changes to prices and/or Services will be given by email to the email address we hold for your account. Any price change will take effect automatically upon a renewal of the Agreement.
All payments must be made in UK pounds sterling, inclusive of applicable taxes.
Payments can only be made by a valid Credit/Debit Card, Direct Debit to the bank details provided on each invoice. We reserve the right to suspend all Services until payment is received in full and all outstanding charges are cleared. Any non-payment of a recurring invoice may be subject to an administration charge.
You are responsible for all money owed to Us under the terms of this Agreement until it is terminated. You are also responsible for any additional costs incurred by Us in taking steps to recover any sums due by You.